Industrial Services

At Xact Construction, we take immense pride in offering comprehensive industrial construction services that cater to a diverse range of projects. With a wealth of experience and a skilled team of experts, we are fully equipped to handle ground-up builds, electrical power upgrades, and remodels for industrial facilities.

  1. Ground-Up Builds: Our ground-up construction services encompass the development of industrial facilities from scratch. We excel in turning conceptual ideas into tangible reality, carefully orchestrating each phase of the construction process. From site preparation, foundation work, structural steel erection, to the installation of mechanical systems and interior finishes, we ensure the seamless execution of projects, adhering to safety protocols and industry standards.

  2. Electrical Power Upgrade: As industries evolve and expand, the need for reliable electrical systems becomes paramount. Our expertise in electrical power upgrades allows us to assess your existing infrastructure, develop tailored solutions, and implement state-of-the-art electrical systems. From assessing power demands to upgrading transformers, switchgear, and distribution panels, our team ensures enhanced efficiency and safety for your operations.

  3. Remodels: Industrial facilities often require updates to meet changing needs, comply with regulations, or optimize efficiency. Our remodel services encompass comprehensive assessment and strategic planning to rejuvenate your existing space. Whether it’s reconfiguring layouts, modernizing equipment, or enhancing workflow, we carry out remodels with minimal disruption to your operations.

At Xact Construction, our industrial construction services are geared towards optimizing your facility’s functionality, sustainability, and overall success. Whether it’s a ground-up build, electrical power upgrade, or a remodel, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.